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Beer and Cider

Regalzone has 28 different plastic glasses for beer and cider including the popular flexible pint glasses. We also have 1/3 pint, 2/3 pint, stemmed beer glasses, Belgian beer glasses, one and two pint steins, unbreakable pint glasses, and reusable pint glasses with full wrap printing. 

In the UK, beer and cider can be sold in the following measures: 1/3 pint, ½ pint, 2/3 pint, 1 pint, 2 pints and 4 pints. The measure can be ‘to line’ or ‘to rim’. If the glass itself is being used as the measure, it must be CE marked. CE marking is not relevant if the beer is not being sold or being measured by some other means. Many of Regalzone's plastic glasses are factory CE marked. CE marks can be printed to unmarked glasses

More advice: please see our article: Plastic Pint Glasses: How to Choose.