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Tumblers are general purpose glasses. They are wider at the rim than the base, with straight sides to allow them to stack together closely. This efficiency makes them inexpensive to manufacture – store – print – and deliver. All disposable plastic glasses are welcomed for recycling. Please use the filter on the left to narrow your selection.

Flexible Plastic: Thermoformed polypropylene tumblers are slightly opaque and will flex rather than crack or shatter. They usually offer the lowest prices.160-1000ml.
Crystal Plastic: Thermoformed crystal polystyrene tumblers have better clarity and rigidity. They may crack if over-flexed but will not shatter. 100-600ml.
Premium Rigid: Injection moulded polystyrene tumblers have excellent clarity and high rigidity. They are ideal for premium brands and full colour printing but are not shatterproof. 25-330ml.
Premium Shatterproof: PET Tumblers are flexible glasses that are shatterproof with good clarity. 250-600ml.