In addition to our own products, Regalzone is a stock-holding agent for the following European manufacturers of plastic cups and glasses. We hold stock for them at our Heathrow-based warehouse for immediate dispatch to distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

To view the products available from each manufacturer, please go to Products and filter by Brand/OEM, or use the links below to download the manufacturers' catalogues.




DS Plastics is part of the Moens Mouldings group of companies. Its manufacturing plant is in Heerenberg in The Netherlands. The company invests heavily in research and development. Its highly automated production lines deliver products of outstanding quality. Their very high efficiency enables DS Plastics to compete on an international basis.

Regalzone have been working with DS Plastics since the early 2000s, distributing its range of fine injection moulded crystal polystyrene disposable glassware. 

DS Plastics is ISO 9001 and BRC IOP accredited.




Fast Plast/Facet was founded in 1965. Producing in Thisted, Denmark, Fast Plast specialises in injection moulded crystal styrene disposable plastic glasses under the Facet brand name. Fast Plast is an ISO9001 company and manufactures to Northern European standards of quality and reliability. Regalzone has been Fast Plast’s sole agent in the UK since 1991.

Injection moulded crystal styrene plastic glasses are very finely made, giving perfect clarity, form and a good degree of rigidity. Fast Plast offer in-house printing in up to four colours on Omso ( dry offset print machines at 125 pieces per minute. The quality of the products also makes them highly suitable for full colour pad printing.

Fast Plast’s operation is flexible enough to be able to offer custom colours and packaging at reasonable quantities.

Regalzone hold most Fast Plast products in stock in the UK for immediate dispatch. Find out more by visiting Download the Fast Plast catalogue here.




Huhtamaki is a Finnish company with roots that go back to the 1920s. Its packaging division was established in 1965 under the Polarpak brand. It employs 15000 people in 30 countries. In the UK, its manufacturing site is in Gosport, Hampshire.

Huhtamaki’s product range encompasses many different types of food packaging but Regalzone focuses on its rPET branded pint and half pint plastic glasses and paper cups. The rPET cups are made from 50% recycled PET (bottle plastic) and are sought after for further recycling.

The pint and half pint cups are kept in stock for immediate dispatch. Other Huhtamaki products can be ordered for delivery within seven working days. Download the Huhtamaki catalogue here




ISAP  was founded in 1963. Producing in Verona, Italy, ISAP specialises in thermoformed crystal styrene and polypropylene disposable plastic glasses and packaging. ISAP is BRC and ISO9001 certified. Regalzone has been ISAP’s sole agent in the UK since 1991.

ISAP’s expertise is the development and manufacture of thermoforming machinery as for the finished plastic products. This deep expertise and continuing R&D has given its products quality and consistency, week-in week-out, for over forty years.

ISAP’s in-house Omso ( dry-offset printing press gives very impressive results. These machines print in six colours with half tones to give near full colour prints at a rate of 500 pieces per minute.

Such is ISAP’s range of products that Regalzone only stock ISAP’s plastic cups and glasses in the UK. However, with weekly deliveries, the full range is easily available. Find out more by visiting or download the full ISAP catalogue here