Plastic Pint Glasses: How to Choose

The Cheapest

For many, price is the most important factor. The ‘flexible’ types (made from thermoformed polypropylene) are the cheapest.

Buyer beware: There is a fine line between ‘flexible’ and ‘flimsy’. If your users are doubling-up to make the cups usable, the cups are costing twice as much as you thought they were. Other things to watch out for are a lack of clarity and rough, unrolled rims.

Regalzone’s flexible pint and half pint to rim in flexible polypropylene is the P570CE and P300CE, shown below. They are used throughout UK and Europe and deliver a consistent value, year-in-year-out.

Regalzone have special offers on this glass for buyers of pallet quantities. Please make an enquiry: 01753 662666.

PO570CE: Flexible pint glass, pint to rim (Regalzone)   P300CE: Flexible plastic half pint (to rim) (CE marked)

Something Nicer

If the requirement is for something a bit nicer than the standard ‘flexible’ type, these crystal polystyrene glasses may be suitable. They are clearer and more rigid than the flexible type. The glasses below are Regalzone's crystal styrene pint and half pint to rim, C575CE and P300CE.

C575CE: Crystal clear plastic pint glass (to rim) (CE marked) C300CE@ Crystal clear plastic half pint glasses from Regalzone

Something Greener

rPET pint glasses are made from 50% recycled plastic. They have good clarity and can be recycled again. While PET is a flexible plastic, these glasses have a solid feel and are regarded as premium. For more information, please see our article: Environmentally Friendly Choices for Plastic Glasses

The glasses below are Regalzone's rPET pint and half pint-to-rim CE marked pint glasses: PET570CE and PET300CE.

PET570CE: plastic pint glasses made from recycled plastic (Regalzone) PET300CE: Recycled plastic glasses (half pint)

Something Unbreakable

If your pint glass has to be both reusable and unbreakable, a polycarbonate glass is the one to choose. The glass below is pint-to-rim (CE), heavy like glass, and nucleated (creates the bubbles sometimes lacking with plastic). It is made from very quality polycarbonate which makes is more resistant to scratching and dulling than other polycarbonate pint glasses. 

The glasses below are PNT600 and 200104.

PNT600: High quality polycarbonate pint glass 200401: tulip half pint glass

Printing and Branding Plastic Pint Glasses

All of the above glasses can be printed / branded. The minimum quantity is 5000 and the best prices start at 50,000. For more information, please read our advice article Printed/Branded Plastic Glasses.