Recyclable Two Thirds Pint (400ml) (CE Marked)

A quality-made glass in recyclable PP - CE-lined at two thirds of a pint and half a pint.


Code P400CE
Description Two thirds of a pint recyclable plastic glass
Material Polypropylene (type 5)
Rim Diameter 84mm
Height 120mm
Brim Capacity 400ml / 14oz
Lined At 2/3 pint, 1/2 pint, 0.3l
Case Quantity 1000: 20 sleeves of 50
Cases/Pallet 30
Case Dimensions 400 x 400 x 450mm
Case Gross Weight 6.68kg
Durability Single use (easily recyclable)
Standard Pallet Type Euro (1200 x 800mm)
Pallet Height 2.35m
Available Print Options Pad print, rotary screen print, dry offset print
Usual Lead Time 1-3 days

This glass's key feature is its CE marked fill lines at one third of a pint and two thirds of a pint.

Higher ABVs, intense tastes and challenging styles are often best enjoyed in smaller measures; allowing drinkers to savour and sample a beer – much like you would with a fine wine – or even try smaller amounts of different beers – particular useful at beer festivals where chopping and changing between brews sees a full pint become too much or a ½ not quite enough.

Some people describe this glass as a "schooner", but according to this article in The Guardian, the term is incorrect: "Schooner is not actually a defined measure under Australian law. The definition of the term varies depending on where you are in the country: if you're in Adelaide, for example, the word schooner will procure you a half-pint, whereas pretty much everywhere else it means three quarters of a pint – neither of which correlate to our potential new measure."


‚ÄčEasily Recyclable: Because this glass is made from a single type of uncoloured plastic, it can easily be recycled. Avoid putting it in a general waste bin if recycling is available.

Manufactured in the EU to European standards (food safety) (quality assurance) (packaging) (consistency of supply) (social responsibility).

UK stock (delivered 1-3 days).

Printing this plastic glass

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How to buy

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