Popular Plastic Glasses For Wholesalers

Regalzone is a specialist supplier of plastic glasses. Because it is the only thing we do, we have a wider range and a deeper knowledge than any other supplier in the UK.

For wholesaler distributors taking regular deliveries of our volume-selling plastic glasses, this means easy access to our specialised products and an opportunity for additional sales.

For example, if you have a client that wants a box of pink champagne flutes, or martini glasses, or white highballs, it is an easy thing to arrange. There is no carriage on to consider – it is just added to the regular order.

The rest of this article is about the popular plastic glass styles that are usually ordered regularly and in reasonable volumes. For information about the more specialist glasses available, please flick through our whole range here:  www.regalzone.com/products.

If you would like to talk to us about becoming a distributor, please click here.

Plastic Pint Glasses

Plastic pints and halves are big sellers. The competition is strong and the margins are tight. Regalzone has five varieties to choose from depending on whether your customer wants the nicest or the cheapest, pint to line or pint to rim, reusable or disposable.

The most popular disposable plastic pint glasses are flexible, polypropylene, and to-rim. Regalzone’s polypropylene pint and half pint to-rim is the P570CE and P300CE, shown below.

The full range of plastic pint and half pint glasses available from Regalzone can be found here.

Plastic pint glass for wholesalers (Regalzone UK) Plastic half pint glass for wholesalers (Regalzone UK)

Plastic Wine Glasses

Wine by-the-glass is typically sold in measures of 125ml (small), 175ml (medium), and 250ml (large). A 250ml serve would require at least 400ml to the rim. Plastic thin enough to be considered disposable is not suitable for making wine glasses this large and 240ml is the largest available.

CE marked wine jiggers are the usual method for measuring wine serves, but it is sometimes useful to have a 125ml or 175ml CE measure on the glass.

The price of any plastic glass is strongly influenced by how efficiently it stacks together, stores and transports. Unfortunately a true wine glass shape does not stack at all, so disposable wine glasses are a necessary compromise between shape and price. 

'1420' 220ml one piece disposable plastic wine glass (Regalzone UK) '702010': One piece tulip wine glass CE lined at 125ml and 175ml (Regalzone UK) '1193': Two piece 240ml disposable plastic wine glass (Regalzone UK)

On the left is the stackable, one piece, non-CE lined, 220ml ‘1420’: a very popular choice.
In the middle, the non-stackable, one piece, 125ml and 175ml lined ‘702010
On the right is the two piece, 240ml ‘1193’.

The full range of plastic wine glasses available from Regalzone can be found here.

Plastic Shot and Tasting Glasses

Bars use 25ml (single) and 50ml (double) shots. Regalzone has both sizes.

For product promotion, plastic shots are used for offering tastes and samples. 30ml and 50ml are popular sizes, but 80ml, 100ml upwards are also available.

'1000CE': 25ml disposable plastic shot glass (Regalzone UK) '1000': 30ml disposable plastic shot glass (Regalzone UK) '1050': 50ml disposable plastic shot glass (Regalzone UK)

From left to right: 25ml, 30ml and 50ml plastic shot glasses.

The full range of plastic shot and sample glasses available from Regalzone can be found here.

Plastic Champagne Glasses

Like wine glasses, champagne glasses are a challenge to do well in disposable plastic. They are tall and thin, yet have to stable. The better looking ones do not stack, but this makes them more expensive. Price is always important. Finally, they need to look generous while managing the size of the serve.

'429': Small disposable champagne flute for tasting and toasting (Regalzone UK) '428': Standard size disposable champagne flute for wholesalers (Regalzone UK) '427': Disposable stackable champagne flute

On the left: the 100ml ‘429’ for tasting and toasting.
In the middle, the very popular 160ml ‘428’ for standard serves.
On the right, the stacking 200ml ‘427’ that is perfect for cocktails.

PET Smoothie Cups with Dome Lids

Plastic smoothie cups are usually made from PET and require dome or flat lids. Naturally wholesalers will want to purchase at the lowest price possible, but some care needs to be taken with regard to quality. The most frequent faults with PET are cups that jam together and cannot be separated. Cups that are too this (cheap) can collapse when fitting the lids. It is worth testing for this when evaluating samples.

Regalzone has smoothie cups with dome lids, in the following sizes: 250ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, which equates to 8oz-20oz. Find the complete range here.

250ml 8oz PET smoothie cup with dome lid (Regalzone UK) 300ml 10oz PET smoothie cup with dome lid (Regalzone UK) 400ml 12oz PET smoothie cup with dome lid (Regalzone UK) 500ml 17oz PET smoothie cup with dome lid (Regalzone UK) 20oz 600ml PET smoothie cup with dome lid (Regalzone UK)

General Purpose and Other Types

Here are some other popular types that have a big market as general purpose plastic glasses:

From left to right:
P355T: a 355ml 12oz smart looking disposable highball - also known as a Slim Jim.
P350CE: a 350ml 12oz used for mixers and soft drinks but can also be used as a half-pint-to-line.
P250T: a 250ml 8oz soft drink glass.

P355T: Disposable Plastic  highball glass 12oz (Regalzone UK) P350CE: 12oz disposable plastic glass with half pint line (Regalzone UK) P250T: General purpose plastic glass 8oz 250ml (Regalzone UK)