Terado Cup Collector

Flat-pack recycling bin for Cupstars paper pints and halves.


Code Terado
Description Flat-pack recycling bin insert
Material Plastic
Rim Diameter Not applicable
Height Not applicable
Brim Capacity Not applicable
Lined At Not applicable
Pack Size 1
Cases/Pallet 1
Carton Dimensions Not applicable
Carton Gross Weight Not applicable
Durability Not applicable
OEM Not applicable
Standard Pallet Type Not applicable
Pallet Height Not applicable
Available Print Options Not applicable
Usual Lead Time 3 days

The Terado Cup Collector is a simple self-assembly system that allows paper cups be easily separated for recycling at the point of use.

Made from durable, lightweight, fire retardant Corex Board, they are designed retro-fit standard 240 litre wheelie bins. The empty cups are stacked inside each other in 16 clearly marked chambers. This increases the quantity of cups collected from around 100, if cups are loosely thrown in to an empty bin, to 750 in a single bin.

Terado Cup Collectors come with an optional attachable collector for excess liquids to be poured off pre recycling.

Very easy to assemble and disassemble for transporting and storage and are available now for delivery from our

How to buy

Regalzone is a manufacturer of plastic glasses and an importing agent for other manufacturers. It supplies plastic cups and glasses to wholesalers and other types of distributor. Regalzone's minimum order value is £500. If you have found this page looking to make a retail purchase, we would be pleased to offer advice and suggest a distributor: Please call 01753 662666.