Professional Stemmed Shot Glass (40ml)

A best-quality stemmed shot glass intended for intensive use in commercial settings, or for when you want the very best at home.


Code 100207
Description Unbreakable coupe-style stemmed shot glass.
Material Polycarbonate
Rim Diameter 54mm
Height 85mm
Brim Capacity 40ml / 1.4oz
Lined At 2cl
Case Quantity 192: 8 packs of 24
Cases/Pallet 22
Case Dimensions 530 x 320 x 485mm (WDH)
Case Gross Weight 6.96kg
Durability c.2000 washes / unbreakable / dishwasher-safe
Standard Pallet Type Euro (1200 x 800mm)
Pallet Height  
Available Print Options Pad print
Usual Lead Time 7-14 days

This unusual stemmed shot glass has a rim capacity is 40ml.

It is heavy (31g), which gives it a premium feel.

It is made slowly, which makes the moulding bubble-free and flawless.

It is made with professional-grade polycarbonate, so it will last much longer than so many cheaper glasses. 

In our opinion, it is as good as a plastic glass can be.

Printing this plastic glass
This glass can be pad printed (1-full colour). Pad printed cups can usually be delivered within three weeks.

How to buy

Regalzone is a manufacturer of plastic glasses and an importing agent for other manufacturers. It supplies plastic cups and glasses to wholesalers and other types of distributor. Regalzone's minimum order value is £500. If you have found this page looking to make a retail purchase, we would be pleased to offer advice and suggest a distributor: Please call 01753 662666.