Professional Martini Cocktail Glass (200ml)

A best-quality stemmed shot glass intended for intensive use in commercial settings, or for when you want the very best at home. The best unbreakable martini cocktail glass that money can buy.


Code 300103
Description Unbreakable Martini Cocktail Glass (200ml)
Material Polycarbonate
Rim Diameter 115mm
Height 175mm
Brim Capacity 200ml / 7oz
Lined At No fill line
Case Quantity 48: 2 packs of 24
Cases/Pallet 25
Case Dimensions 435 x 330 x 500mm (WDH)
Case Gross Weight 8.1kg
Durability c.2000 washes / unbreakable / dishwasher-safe
Standard Pallet Type Euro (1200 x 800mm)
Pallet Height  
Available Print Options Pad print
Usual Lead Time 1-3 days

This shatterproof martini glass has been designed and manufactured to be the best possible.

What makes this martini cocktail glass such great value?

Type of material: It is made from the highest grade polycarbonate available, which is clearer and lasts longer than cheaper plastic cocktail glasses.

Weight: It is weight that give glassware a premium feel, and at 126g this martini glass offers significantly better feeling of quality. In addition, the weight is in the base and the stem, giving the glass greater stability, while leaving the rim fine and delicate.

Rigidity: Lighter glasses flex and wobble on the stem. This one does not do that.

Flawlessness: Longer cycle times make for plastic glasses that cost more than cheap ones, but the result is a finely made glass that is bubble-free and crystal clear.

This glass is aimed at professionals working in 5-star hotels and dedicated cocktail bars. If you make cocktails at home, in the garden or by the pool, you can be confident that this martini glass is the best available.

UK stock (delivered 1-3 days).

Printing this plastic glass
This cup can be pad printed (1-full colour). Pad printed cups can usually be delivered within three weeks.

How to buy

Regalzone is a manufacturer of plastic glasses and an importing agent for other manufacturers. It supplies plastic cups and glasses to wholesalers and other types of distributor. Regalzone's minimum order value is £500. If you have found this page looking to make a retail purchase, we would be pleased to offer advice and suggest a distributor: Please call 01753 662666.