Professional Gin Glass (700ml)

Best-quality 'copa' gin glass intended for intensive use in commercial settings, or for when you want the very best at home.


Code 300107
Description Professional quality gin glass (blow moulded)
Material Polycarbonate
Rim Diameter 95.2mm
Height 195mm
Brim Capacity 700ml / 25oz
Lined At No fill line
Pack Size 24 (2 packs of 12)
Cases/Pallet 30
Carton Dimensions  
Carton Gross Weight 5.8kg
Durability c.2000 washes / unbreakable / dishwasher-safe
Standard Pallet Type Euro (1200 x 80mm)
Pallet Height  
Available Print Options Pad print
Usual Lead Time Ten days

This gin glass is for places where real glass is unsuitable, but no other compromise is acceptable.

It is not easy to make proper-shape bowl-like glasses like these in plastic, which is why they are so hard to find.

In addition to its shape, what else gives this wine glass the 'Ultra Premium' tag?

Type of material: Professional-grade polycarbonate. It will stay looking good for longer than most other polycarbonate glasses.

Amount of material: At 92g, this glass is weighty. But note that the material in the base and the stem - not the rim, which is thin like real glass. 

It is made slowly: Slower cycle times mean plastic glassware that is less cheap, but bubble-free and flawless.

Printing this plastic glass
This cup can be pad printed (1-full colour) (3k minimum). Pad printed cups can usually be delivered within three weeks.

How to buy

Regalzone is a manufacturer of plastic glasses and an importing agent for other manufacturers. It supplies plastic cups and glasses to wholesalers and other types of distributor. Regalzone's minimum order value is £500. If you have found this page looking to make a retail purchase, we would be pleased to offer advice and suggest a distributor: Please call 01753 662666.